Sixth Generation

80. William6 Garlinger (Jacob5, "George" Johannes Georgius4, Johann Heinrich3 Gerlinger, Phillippus Jacobus2, Christoph1) (#18) was born in Washington, Maryland about 1793. William died 1866 in Hardin, Ohio, at 73 years of age. His body was interred in Hardin, Ohio.

He married Christina Anhart. (Christina Anhart is #19.) Christina was born in Pennsylvania June 18, 1800. Christina died August 30, 1859 in Liberty Twp., Hardin, Ohio, at 59 years of age. Her body was interred in McElroy Cemetery, Hardin, Ohio. Tombstone says "Cristeena" and that she was 59 years 2 month s and 12 days at her death. The tombstone is difficult to read and the 2 months looks like 11 months, the 59 looks like 79 but she is known to have been 59 at her death and this is consistent with Census information. 

William was a Carpenter and Farmer.  It is not known when William and Christina met and married but it would have been around 1820.  After the death of William's mother , Jane, William headed westward in Pennsylvania. Christina was a "christianized" Potawatomi Indian. It is unknown how she came to be in Bedford County and raised by a German Lutheran Family that had emigrated from the Northern regions of the Alsace in the late 1700's. . Her last name "Anhart" has never been found in any early Pennsylvania records.  Christina's European last name has also been recorded as Arehart or Earhart. She was raised by George Arehart of Colerain Twp. in Bedford County. When George died he made some provision for her and a minor daughter in his will dated June 13, 1814. There are Orphan's Court Record's in Bedford County indicating that "at the insistance of William Garlinger intermarried with Christina Earhart, daughter of the deceased George Earhart"  a suit was filed against the Executor's of the Estate to settle the administration of the account for Christina.

By 1824, William and Christina were living in Bedford County, Pennsylvania next to William's brother John. They attended the "Log Cabin" Reformed and Lutheran Church built in 1806 at Schellsburg in Napier Township of Bedford County. They had two infants that died and are buried in the church's Union Graveyard. Poverty and hard times seem to be a constant companion of the Garlinger's. Times must have been especially tough for William and Christina because in 1836 four of their children are listed as "Poor Children of Bedford County" They are George, Henry, Horatio and John of Napier Township

William Garlinger appears in the 1830 Bedford Co. Census as age 30-40 with 6 children and a free white female age 20-30. (Is this Christina?). In the 1840 Bedford Census, William is listed as age 50-60 (Incorrect age, he was 47)  with 8 children and no free white females over 20 listed. Could it be that  Christina was not counted because she was not considered a "white female"?.

In 1841, they moved to Columbiana County, Ohio. In 1848, their son John J.Garlinger  moved to Hardin County, Ohio, William, Christina and the rest of the family moved to Hardin County a year later in 1849. Horatio stayed behind in Jefferson County which is adjacent to Columbiana, County. Horatio was staying in an inn ran by George and Eliza Todd. This inn was located very close to the residence of Thomas Garlinger in Salem Township, Jefferson Co. , Ohio. Thomas was a Wagon maker born in Maryland and was a likely the eldest son of Christina and William.. Horatio moved to Hardin County in 1850. Thomas Garlinger later went to Iowa.

William died in 1866 and is believed to be buried next to Christina (Cristeena) in the McElroy Cemetery. there is no stone present but there is room for the unmarked grave next to her. Christina is believed to be a full-blooded Potawatomi Indian, but no proof of this has been found.  She has been described as an "Indian maiden". Interviews in the late 1980's  and early 1990's with elderly descendants living in the immediate area of McElroy cemetery  referred to her as the "dirty little Indian" buried there.  

Christina was proud of  her Indian heritage. Family members and neighbors complained that Potawatomi and Wyandot Indians would come and stay on the property where Christina lived and visit with her. This would have been in the 1850's on the farm owned by John J. Garlinger, one of Christina's son's. The Potawatomi Indian information is also found in a letter from Joe Thompson of Bluffton, Ohio who cites Julia Herr as the source, Julia is grand-daughter of Julia Boutwell. Merle Romick of nearby Ada, Ohio and great-great-grandson of Christina also spoke of Christina as an Indian in a telphone conversation in 1992. Merle's brother, Melvin Romick owned the John J. Garlinger farm in 1992. The barn had burned down in 1913 as a result of a lightning strike.

Christina was one of the 11 original founders of the Summit Christian Church organized during the year of her death in 1859. The church met at the Summit Schoolhouse and was pastored by Rev. H.P. Darst. The church was attended by as many as 40 members at it's peak. One of the other founders was Susanna McElroy, widow of Hugh W. McElroy. The McElroy's and Garlinger's were neighbors and several of the McElroy men married Garlinger women. 

From 1850 until their deaths, William and Christina lived on the 160 acre farm owned by John J. Garlinger in Section 2 of Liberty Township, Hardin County, Ohio.


William Garlinger and Christina Anhart had the following children:

child93 i. Minerva7 Garlinger (#578) was born in Pennsylvania 1820/1823.

child94 ii. MALE Garlinger (#579) was born 1820/1823. !MISC: This male appears in the 1830 Bedford County Pennsylvania Cens us as age 5 to 10 and would be older than John born in 1824. This could be Thomas Garlinger b-1822 Maryland who appears in 1850 Jefferson Co. Oh io Census.

child+ 95 iii. John Jacob Garlinger was born July 19, 1824.

child+ 96 iv. George Garlinger was born about 1826.

child97 v. Cornelius B. Garlinger (#471) was born in Napier Twp., Bedford, Pennsylvania November 13, 1828. Cornelius died November 19, 1828 in Napier Twp., Bedford, Pennsylvania, at less than one year of age. His body was interred 1828 in Union Graveyard, Bedford, Pennsylvania.

child98 vi. Josiah Garlinger (#472) was born in Napier Twp., Bedford, Pennsylvania December 7, 1829. Josiah died December 12, 1829 in Napier Twp., Bedford, Pennsylvania, at less than one year of age. His body was interred 1829 in Union Graveyard, Bedford, Pennsylvania.

child+ 99 vii. Horatio Garlinger was born November 23, 1830.

child+ 100 viii. Lucetta Garlinger was born 1832.

child+ 101 ix. William Garlinger was born February 22, 1834.

child+ 102 x. Henry Garlinger was born 1834.

child+ 103 xi. Hesther Ann Garlinger was born January 1, 1837.

child104 xii. Infant Garlinger (#580) was born in Bedford, Pennsylvania about 1839/1841. Infant died about 1839/1841.

child105 xiii. Lucinda Garlinger (#39) was born in Bedford, Pennsylvania January 25, 1841. Lucinda died January 28, 1936 at 95 years of age. She married James Shaw in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, April 10, 1861. (James Shaw is #815.)

child+ 106 xiv. Abigail Garlinger was born 1843.

child107 xv. Harriet Garlinger (#581) was born in Bedford, Pennsylvania about 1846.

child+ 108 xvi. Simeon Garlinger was born September 1848.

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