Fifth Generation

67. Jacob5 Garlinger ("George" Johannes Georgius4, Johann Heinrich3 Gerlinger, Phillippus Jacobus2, Christoph1) (#467) was born in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania before 1774 and after 1763. It is not known with certainty when or where Jacob died. (He died before Apr 2, 1853.)

Jacob followed the path of many other German immigrants as they came from Philadelphia and settled along the rolling valleys of Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland. The geography of this area is very reminiscent of the Pfalz region of Germany. In fact, "Pfaltz" means "folds" and referred to rolling hills. He married Jane ? around 1790. (Jane ? is #468.) Jane was born about 1773. Jacob and Jane Garlinger are listed on page 13 of St. Clair's Bedford as the parents of John Garlinger of Bedford County.  Jacob and Jane had a son John Garlinger that was born in Franklin County, Pennsylvania on Feb. 24, 1791. By 1793, they lived near Hagerstown, Maryland in Washington County. An entry in German in the records of the St. John's Lutheran Church records in Hagerstown for 1818 show that a baptized son, Jacob born 1795, is the son of Jacob and Jane Garlinger.  Jacob Garlinger appears in the 1800 Washington County Maryland Census as age 26-45, Jane is 26-45 and they have three boys and two girls under age 10.  There is no record of Jane's death but it appears she may died after 1805 and as late as 1819. Jacob's father, "George" Johannes Georgius Gerlinger was listed as "unmarried" in the Alsace region of Europe in 1762. George Gerlinger migrated to America sometime after 1762 and he married Maria Christina Kist in Philadelphia in 1790.  It is unknown if George had married before Maria. Maria may or may not have been the mother of Jacob. Jacob Garlinger may have been born as early as 1764 to another wife or as late as 1774 to Maria. It is quiite likley Jacob was born  before the marriage to Maria.

Washington County Maryland is where William Garlinger.(William is #18) and many of Jacob and Jane's other children were born. .Although William is known to have given both Maryland and Pennsylvania as his place of birth. In those days the location of the border between Pennsylvania and Maryland was not clearly defined and had been the subject of occasional border skirmishes years earlier.

Jacob and Jane attended St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hagerstown (then called Elisabeth Town) where the services were conducted in German. The pastor was Reverend Mr. J. George Schmucker, D.D. who had received his formal training in Halle, Germany and became pastor of the church at age 23 in 1793. The church congregation grew from 108 to 211 by 1805.

There are very few remaining Church records for the period 1794 to 1806. A new church building was built and dedicated in 1806. It is easy to imagine that the farmer and carpenter Jacob Garlinger would have lent a hand in the construction of the new house of worship. The congregation held strong views about maintaining the services in German. The church was thrown into "vehement agitation" when English was first introduced in 1833. Separate services in the two languages continued until 1873.

There is no record of Jacob Garlinger in the Hagerstown, MD area after 1818. Jacob's oldest son John Garlinger died Apr 2, 1853 in Schellsburg, Bedford County PA and John's death notice indicates his father was already deceased.

A Bill of Sale dated Feb 14. 1799 shows Jacob's name once as Garlinger and twice as Gerlinger. Jacob Gerlinger was listed in the July 1, 1808 of the Maryland Herald as having a letter in the post office that needed to be picked up and then again on Jan 2, 1811, Jacob Garlinger was listed in a similar list. 

There is a Jacob Garlinger in the 1850 PA Census age 84, born in Pennsylvania in 1766. This fits for this Jacob to be the son of George Garlinger before George married Maria Christina Kist in 1770 in the Northern Liberties. This could be the Jacob Garlinger from the 1800 and 1810 MD Census now married to his second wife and moving 26 miles north. Jacob Garling of Franklin County, PA appears in the 1810 PA Franklin County Census while Jacob Garlinger appears in the 1800 and 1810 MD Washington County Census.This cannot be the same Jacob in both 1810 Censuses. There are interchangeable uses of the names of Jacob Garlinger, Jacob Gerlinger and Jacob Garling attending the German Reformed Church of Greencastle, PA after 1819 and he is buried in the German Reformed Cemetery. The church cemetery has headstones for Jacob and Elizabeth Garling. (not Garlinger)This Jacob could very well be the son of  George Garlinger and the father of William. This Jacob died in 1851 and is consistent with the death of William’s brother John’s Bedford County death certificate in 1853 that indicated John and William’s father was deceased.
Many of the descendants of Jacob and Jane Garlinger remained in Franklin County and Bedford, Pennsylvania and Washington County, Maryland for several generations. They had at least three grandsons who were Union soldiers and fought in Civil War battles that took place in Franklin Co, Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland. There is a street in Hagerstown, Maryland named after the Garlingers - Garlinger Avenue.



Jacob Garlinger and Jane ? had the following children:

child + 79 i. John6 Garlinger was born February 24, 1791.

child + 80 ii. William Garlinger was born about 1793.

child + 81 iii. Jacob Garlinger was born Dec 3, 1795

child 82 iv. Elizabeth Garlinger (#498) was born in Washington, Maryland about 1798. She married Otto Chambers in Hagerstown, Washington, Maryland, January 1817. (Otto Chambers is #499.) Otto was born before 1800.

child + 83 v. Mary Garlinger was born about 1800.

child + 84 vi. Adam Garlinger was born about 1805.

child + 85 vii. Daniel Garlinger was born August 14, 1811.

child + 86 viii. James Garlinger was born 1815.

child + 87 ix. Samuel Garlinger was born 1816. 

Note: At some point after 1806, the children could be the sons of the second wife Elizaebeth.  

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