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99. Horatio7 Garlinger (William6, Jacob5, "George" Johannes Georgius4, Johann Heinrich3 Gerlinger, Phillippus Jacobus2, Christoph1) (#16) wurde November 23, 1830 in Schellsburg, Bedford, Pennsylvania geboren. Horatio starb August 5, 1862, im Alter von 31 Jahren.

Er heiratete Catherine Morrison December 9, 1852, in Wyandot, Ohio. (Catherine Morrison ist #17.) Catherine wurde November 30, 1828, geboren. Catherine starb November 2, 1870, im Alter von 41 Jahren. Im Alter von 25 Jahren Catherine wurde December 22, 1853, in Liberty Twp., Hardin, Ohio die Mutter von James Humphry Garlinger. Im Alter von 26 Jahren Catherine wurde October 31, 1855, in Liberty Twp., Hardin, Ohio die Mutter von Henry Harrison Garlinger. Im Alter von 29 Jahren Catherine wurde March 12, 1858, in Ohio die Mutter von Isabella Miller Garlinger. Im Alter von 32 Jahren Catherine wurde August 5, 1861, die Mutter von John Wilson Garlinger. Im Alter von 32 Jahren Catherine wurde August 5, 1861, die Mutter von Mary Catherine Garlinger.

Im Alter von 23 Jahren Horatio wurde December 22, 1853, in Liberty Twp., Hardin, Ohio der Vater von James Humphry Garlinger. Im Alter von 24 Jahren Horatio wurde October 31, 1855, in Liberty Twp., Hardin, Ohio der Vater von Henry Harrison Garlinger. Im Alter von 27 Jahren Horatio wurde March 12, 1858, in Ohio der Vater von Isabella Miller Garlinger. Im Alter von 30 Jahren Horatio wurde August 5, 1861, der Vater von John Wilson Garlinger. Im Alter von 30 Jahren Horatio wurde August 5, 1861, der Vater von Mary Catherine Garlinger. !MISC: Horatio remained in Jefferson County for a short time in 185 0 before joining his parents in Hardin County. He is believed to have worked w ith Thomas Garlinger of Salem Township who was a wagonmaker in the area . Thomas may have been an uncle or possibly his eldest brother. !OCCUPATION: Mechanic in 1860 !CEN1850OH: Jeff 244 Jefferson Co. Ohio Horatio Garlinger M 22 George W. Todd M 27 Eliza Todd M 24 !CEN1860OH: HDLB Hardin Co. Liberty Twp. Horatio Garlinger M 29 Penn Catherine F 29

Horatio Garlinger und Catherine Morrison hatte/hatten folgende Kinder:

child 156 i. James Humphry8 Garlinger (#42) wurde December 22, 1853 in Liberty Twp., Hardin, Ohio geboren. James starb 1910, in Chicago, Illinois, im Alter von 56 Jahren. MEMO: An interesting fact is that the 1860 Mercer County, Ohio Census Page 098 has a 24 year old adult male "James HUMPHRY" living with a Joseph Garlinger, age 42.

child + 157 ii. Henry Harrison Garlinger wurde October 31, 1855 geboren.

child 158 iii. Isabella Miller Garlinger (#43) wurde March 12, 1858 in Ohio geboren. !CEN1870: Living with her aunt Abigail Garlinger McElroy and James B . McElroy in 1870 Liberty Twp. Hardin County Census. (page 21 Dwelling 173)

child + 159 iv. John Wilson Garlinger wurde August 5, 1861 geboren.

child 160 v. Mary Catherine Garlinger (#45) wurde August 5, 1861 geboren. Sie heiratete Bert McKinney. (Bert McKinney ist #47.) !MISC: Twin of John Wilson Garlinger

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He married Catherine Morrison in Wyandot, Ohio, December 9, 1852. (Catherine Morrison is #17.) Catherine was born November 30, 1828. Catherine died November 2, 1870 at 41 years of age. Horatio was born into poverty in Bedford County Pennsylvania. His family lived nearby his Uncle John Garlinger who was a Cabinet maker in Schellsburg. Horatio and his brothers George, Henry and John were all listed as "poor children of Bedford County" in 1836. The family attended the "Log Cabin" Reformed and Lutheran Church built in 1806 near Schellsburg. The Union Graveyard surrounds the church  where two of his infant bothers were laid to rest. His Uncle John Garlinger and John's  wife, Elizabeth are also buried there.

In 1841, when Horatio was age 11,  the family moved to Columbiana, County Ohio. Columbiana County borders Pennsylvania and West Virginia on the eastern border of Ohio as he got older he worked with Thomas Garlinger, a Wagon-maker in Salem Township in adjacent Jefferson County. Thomas may have been a cousin or perhaps Horatio's oldest brother. Horatio was a Carpenter and Mechanic. He helped Thomas build Conestoga Wagons. The Conestoga wagon was one of the important contributions of the Pennsylvania Germans to their new country. In Germany, they had used small wooden carts for hauling produce to market. In Pennsylvania, a larger cart was needed and the Germans developed a freight wagon called "Conestoga" named after a Pennsylvania creek which had been named after the Conestoga Indians. Columbiana County was an important stop for pioneers heading west. A typical Conestoga wagon was 26 feet long, stood 11 feet high and weighed 3,000 lbs. It could carry up to 6,000 lb.. of cargo when pulled by a six horse team. This wagon became known later as a "covered wagon" when settlers used it west of the Mississippi.

 In 1849, Horatio's parents and family moved to Hardin County in Northwestern Ohio. The 19 yr. old Horatio remained in Jefferson County for awhile before joining his family in Hardin County in 1850.  He continued to work with Thomas Garlinger for awhile. He met and married Catherine Morrison in 1853 in Wynadot County just east of Hardin County. They settled in Liberty Township Hardin County just north of  the farm of his brother John J. Garlinger. Horatio and Catherine managed to purchase a small one acre parcel of land where they built a house which still stands today.

According to descendants in Hardin County, Horatio Garlinger, age 31,  was killed in Northern Virginia on August 5, 1862 while serving in the Army of the Potomac under the command of General Pope. I have searched the records of the 82nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiment which was raised in Liberty Township  in December 1861.  He could have joined in another Ohio county or even in a Pennsylvania county. I have found no record of Horatio's service in the Union Army in either state.. A search of military records in the National Archives has also failed to produce any record of his service. It is worthwhile to note, that many Civil War Military Service Records were produced many years after the War when veterans and widows of veterans applied for government pensions. A local official or Doctor would attest to the individual's service in the Grand Army of the Republic to verify eligibility for benefits. Such a record for Horatio would never have been produced. His widow was left with 5 children, ages 1 through 8. Henry Harrison Garlinger was just six years old when his father died. Catherine had twins, John and Mary, born on August 5, 1861. Horatio died on their first birthday.

Catherine, also known as Kate Garlinger died 8 years later in 1870 at the age of 41. Her five orphaned children continued to live with Aunts and Uncles on the nearby  McElroy and Garlinger farms.  She never lived long enough to file for any veteran's benefits that were offered to Civil War widows and to possibly create the record of Horatio' service in the National Archives.

Horatio was listed as a Mechanic in the 1860 Census for Liberty Twp.. Hardin County (HDLB).
Listed as Horatio Garlinger M 29 born -Penn, Catherine F 29 born Ohio, 3 children James 6M, Henry 4M, Isabella 2F

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