Zweite Generation

4. Phillippus Jacobus2 Gerlinger (Christoph1) (#984) wurde May 20, 1660 in Weitersweiler, Alsace geboren. Phillippus starb October 14, 1693, in Weitersweiler, Alsace, im Alter von 33 Jahren.

Er heiratete Anna Catharina um 1685, in Weitersweiler, Alsace. (Anna Catharina ist #1024.) Anna wurde May 8, 1688, in Weitersweiler, Alsace die Mutter von Philipp Jacob Gerlinger. Anna wurde February 21, 1692, in Weitersweiler, Alsace die Mutter von Johann Heinrich Gerlinger.

Im Alter von 27 Jahren Phillippus wurde May 8, 1688, in Weitersweiler, Alsace der Vater von Philipp Jacob Gerlinger. Im Alter von 31 Jahren Phillippus wurde February 21, 1692, in Weitersweiler, Alsace der Vater von Johann Heinrich Gerlinger.

Phillippus Jacobus Gerlinger und Anna Catharina hatte/hatten folgende Kinder:

child + 11 i. Philipp Jacob3 Gerlinger wurde May 8, 1688 geboren.

child + 12 ii. Johann Heinrich Gerlinger wurde February 21, 1692 geboren.

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We know very little about Phillipus Jacobus Gerlinger except what can be gleaned from the Church Records of the Weitersweiler (Weiterswiller) Evangelical Lutheran Church. The records are entirely in Latin and are on file in Strasbourg, France. The Mormon LDS Church micro-filmed the records in 1973. It is very difficult to go more than a few pages without finding a Gerlinger marriage, birth, christening or death.  I have copied hundreds of entries containing the names of Gerlinger's who attended the church between 1660 and 1750. I have translated only a few from the original Latin that appeared to bear directly upon my direct line.

I have run across Phillipus Jacobus Gerlinger listed in some French records as Philip J.Gorlinger.

We only know of two children that Phillipus had. When you consider that he died very young at the age 33, his two sons were only age 5 and 1-1/2 years old. The oldest son Phillip Jr. at some point moved from the Alsace to the nearby Pfalz (Palatinate) region. Many Church Records can be found of this branch in the St. Martin Church in Grossbundenbach. The younger son Johann Heinrich Gerlinger remained in Weitersweiler his entire life and rasied a large family as documented in the Weitersweiler Church Records. It is interesting that both sons, had children who eventually came to America.
The German immigration to America had its humble beginnings in 1683, when 13 families sailed aboard the Concord, the "Mayflower of German immigration."  They founded the first permanent German settlement in America, Germantown, Pennsylvania

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