44. Johann Michael4 Garlinger (Johann Heinrich3 Gerlinger, Phillippus Jacobus2, Christoph1) (#629) was born in Weitersweiler, Alsace April 1, 1748. Johann died September 1793 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at 45 years of age. His body was interred September 1793 in St Michael Zion, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

He married Maria Grove in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, January 25, 1785. (Maria Grove is #888.) Michael Garlinger  (Michael Guerlinger) lived in the Alsace which was a part of France at that time. He was a Chasseur in the Troupes Legares, the regiment of the Dus DeLauzun (Duke Di Lauzun). He came to America with the French Regiment in 1780 and served in the French Army. In October 1781, Michael Guerlinger's Regiment  marched upon Yorktown joining up with the Continental Army led by George Washington. His brother George Garlinger served with the Pennsylvania German regiment from Philadelphia.
A French military advisor, General Rochambeau, had joined Washington's staff in Rhode Island.  Washington had planned to attack New York City, but instead they decided to strike at Cornwallis in Virginia.  The French navy under Admiral DeGrasse sailed to Chesapeake Bay to prevent any escape or rescue of Cornwallis' army.  On August 20th, Washington and Rochambeau began the 500 mile march to Virginia.  Admiral DeGrasse with his fleet of 28 ships blocked the British fleet forcing it to return to New York.  Cornwallis was now bottled up in his fortified position at Yorktown. On September 28, 1781 the combined American and French Armies with George Garlinger and Michael Guerlinger moved form Williamsburg to take up positions in the trenches of Yorktown.
The combined Armies had Cornwallis surrounded. The French Navy had his retreat blocked as well as any hope for reinforcements or supplies. A surrender agreement was negotiated at Moore House overlooking Chesapeake Bay. On October 20, 1781, the British Troops marched out to surrender their arms. The Revolutionary War was effectively over, although it would be 1783 before a Peace Treaty was signed.
On the 10th of January 1783, Michael Guerlinger was granted a limited leave at Wilmington, Delaware under the seal of Duke Di Lauzin and countersigned by Major Beoffroy. His Regiment sailed for France on March 3, 1783 and Michael remained in America and settled in the Northern Liberties of Philadelphia near his older brother George Garlinger who had come to America in the mid-1760's and his younger brother Ludwig (Lewis) Gerlinger who had come to Philadelphia in September 1773 aboard the ship Brittania from Rotterdam via Cowes, England.
Michael's name was anglicised to Garlinger by the time of his marriage to Mary Grove as it appeared in Pennsylvania Marriage Records.
Garlinger, Michael, Labourer and Mary Grove of the Northern Liberties of the City of Philadelphia: January 26, 1785. Bond 200 Pounds: Bondsmen George Garlinger, Michael Garlinger Witness: James Trimble
Maria Graf was born about 1765. Maria was also known as the anglicised name Mary Grove. Also as Maria Grove and Mary Groves. Mary was a descendant of Hans Graeffe who came to America in 1720.  When her husband Michael Garlinger died in 1793 she was administrator of his will along with Peter Groves and Frederick Gravan of Northern Liberties. At some point after 1783, Michael was a Private in the Philadelphia Militia and was discharged Jan 6, 1788.
Michael Garlinger appears twice in the 1790 PA US Census. This is probably a Census Error. The 1790 Head of Families- Pennsylvania entry shows him with 2 females and a male under 16. This is his wife Mary, his daughter Maria Sophia and his son Henry born 1788. By some accounts, Michael and Mary are believed to have had a third child, Margaret, born on Sept 12, 1790 in Philadelphia.
Michael Garlinger died in 1793, quite likely in a plague which swept through Philadelphia at about this time.
His son Henry Garlinger, settled in Plymouth Township, Montgomery County Pennsylvania until his death in 1851. At some point in Henry's life his surname was changed to Garlanger.  His descendants retain that spelling. He was a farmer and bricklayer. Henry's son Jacob Garlanger moved to Berrien County Michigan in the 1840's and for the next 8 generations remained in the Construction Industry as builders and mason's.
Virtually all Garlanger's appear to have as their origin Michael Gerlinger/Guerlinger/Garlinger/ and Henry Gerlinger/Garlinger/Garlanger. More complete information can be found at www.garlanger.com
Johann Michael Garlinger and Maria Grove had the following children:

child 72 i. Maria Sophia5 Garlinger (#889) was born in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania August 8, 1786. She was christened in St Michael Zion, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, August 20, 1786.

child 73 ii. Henrich Garlinger (#630) was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania December 15, 1788. Henrich died May 25, 1851 in Montgomery, Pennsylvania, at 62 years of age. He married Letitia in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Letitia is #654.) Letitia was born in Pennsylvania about 1789.
Henry was christened in St. Michael Zion, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, January 9, 1789.
By some accounts, Michael and Mary are believed to have had a third child, Margaret, born on Sept 12, 1790 in Philadelphia.

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